Comic Review: Midnight Task Force #1


by: Harry Spencer

So I have been very fortunate to receive a copy of the first issue of Midnight Task Force a brand new comic being produced by Mad Cave Studios which is set to release on July 11th 2018. As always I’m going to try an avoid plot spoilers, especially here because the comic isn’t out yet and because there are some really cool moments in this comic which I would hate to spoil. So let’s get into this and go through Midnight Task Force #1.



Midnight Task Force is written by Mark London with artwork from Alejandro Giraldo and Christian Ospina and is set in the near future of 2055 in Detroit. It follows the story of Aiden McCormick, an ex-special forces soldier and member of the Midnight Task Force who after suffering extreme injuries now works as a detective with the police force. That’s about as much as i want to tell you because Aiden’s story is incredibly cool and you really do need to read this one for yourself. I enjoyed the character of Aiden a lot, especially when he is interacting with other members of the police force and seeing his transformation from before his injuries to present day was both cool and a little bit heartbreaking.


That drastic transformation isn’t just represented in the way Aiden acts but also in his look. The artwork here is incredible and the imagining of a futuristic Detroit was really cool from everything to enhanced weapons and technology to the outfits people were wearing everything looked realistic but evolved and it was great. Speaking of that artwork this comic gets messy and it does it more than once. This comic can be described in 3 words; Grueling, Gripping, and Gruesome. This comic isn’t afraid to touch on violent themes and it does so in a sophisticated yet awesome way. You get this sensation that is isn’t just Aiden that has deteriorated over the years but the city as a whole has gone down with him. It sets a dark tone but yet Aiden still keeps it lighthearted with his wisecracks and jokes. Plus seeing him go to work with his detective skills was really satisfying.

Adapted for the Big Screen

As with all my comic book reviews, I talk about the possibilities of this story being adapted into a movie. I would definitely pay for an opening weekend ticket to see Midnight Task Force in the cinemas. It’s that cool. This comic, more than most really brought the characters and their environments to life and I think the only way to improve that would be to actually bring them to life for the big screen. Aiden feels like the perfect bad ass action hero and I think seeing a futuristic Detroit brought to life would be even better. If not a movie I can see this making a kick ass Netflix series at least.

Overall Midnight Task Force is a really cool comic with a gripping story which made me want to read the following issues and has an excellent main character who is both flawed yet still a good guy a heart. The imagining of Aiden and the world really brought the story to life on a whole other level and I highly recommend you check Midnight Task Force out when it releases. You can also check out an online experience at (Coming Soon) where you can “be a part of Aiden’s mind” and learn more about the characters and Detroit futuristic tech. I suggest you check this out, especially if this comic intrigued you as much as it did me. Guys thank you so much for taking the time to read this and thank you to Mad Cave Studios for sending us over a digital copy of Midnight Task Force to review, much love to you guys. If you enjoyed this review please hit that like button and share this around. Make sure to follow me (@HarrySpencer01) as well as Geek Vibes Nation (@geekvibesnation) over on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news updates and blog posts. Thank you guys again and I’ll catch you next time.

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